Fees & Expenses

Our standard fees for Commercial disputes are set out below - these should always be discussed with the mediator direct.

commercial disputes    -    family & public sector disputes

Commercial Disputes

The fee for the mediation should be discussed and agreed with the mediator in advance of the mediation, and recorded in a signed mediation agreement. Ensure you understand if the fee is per party or in total.

The Mediator's fee for a mediation involving two parties is broadly as follows, although individual mediators may charge more or less:

Amount in dispute

(per party)

Length of session

Extra hours
(per party)

£0 to £10,000*

£50 + VAT
£100 + VAT

1 hour
Up to 2 hours

£50 + VAT

£5,000 to £15,000**

£300 + VAT

Up to 3 hours

£85 + VAT

£15,000 - £50,000 ***

£425 + VAT

Up to 4 hours

£95 + VAT

* For cases where a telephone mediation is appropriate and both parties agree.  
** Non telephone mediation where the parties meet with a mediator. 
*** If the claim is for more than £50,000, the fees will need to be agreed with the mediator. Mediator's expenses (including travel where chargeable) will be charged at cost. 

If your dispute is worth less than £10,000 you may be able to access the county courts in house small claims mediation service, which is free. However in order to do so you must issue proceedings, for which there is a fee, unless you are approved to be 'court fees exempt' by the courts.

If it is necessary for a venue to be sourced by the ASWM then the costs of the venue and any refreshments will be in addition to the mediation fee and payable by the parties. 

Multiple Parties 
The above fees are based on a two party mediation. If there are more than two parties, the length of the mediation session may need to be increased, and the next fee tariff applied - the ASWM or mediator will discuss this matter with you when organising the mediation.

Time for Payment
(a)The Mediator's  fee must be paid before commencement of mediation.
(b)The Mediator's fees for any additional time and any expenses are to be invoiced after the mediation is completed and are payable within 14 days of the Mediator's invoice. The Mediator is entitled to require the provision of suitable undertakings or other security in relation to fees and expenses.

You are welcome to use our standard form mediation agreement.


Please discuss fees and expenses in these cases with the Mediator directly.